announcement March 2018

We have exciting news and changes that we would like to announce! City Church has been a launching pad for ministries from it’s very beginning. Sending ministers, ministries and planting churches remains a regular part of our culture and community.

Recently, God has been stirring in Rachel and I, that there is a required change for City Church. And God has confirmed that prophetically many times. The time has come for us as a church to shift from the pastoral to the apostolic. Apostolic simply means to have a gifting of being sent, and of building leaders to be sent. Our mission is to gather, nurture, equip and mobilize. The past few years we have been focusing on the gather and nurture portion but now it’s clearly a time to equip and mobilize. This requires apostolic leadership, someone who is gifted to be sent and to send others. 

To our great joy, God has given us someone who has that apostolic gifting, Richard Irwin Sr, my father. God has simultaneously been moving in his heart through these months as well, with a great desire to reengage, and build and send leaders through the local church. The vision that God has given to Richard for City Church is exciting, and we believe that ACC’s greatest days are ahead. We have also known for some time now that City Church was meant to establish a network of churches that support and encourage one another as well as work together in joint ministry projects. And we feel that the time to begin that network is now. 

Through this time, God has been stirring in Rachel and I, a great desire to reach a different community of people in our city who may not be reached by City Church. We feel called to reach the creative community and others that may not come to our current model of church. When this was becoming apparent to us, God independently also stirred up Austin and Grace Adams, our worship pastor & his wife, with a similar desire. In recognition of these things, City Church has adopted a model of church planting to fulfill the churches founding vision of seeing Anchorage as a Christian city… a city so influenced by the gospel that when you thought about Anchorage you could see and sense godly influence in every area.

So in response to the call of God on our lives, we will be sent as a church plant from Anchorage City Church to establish a different model of church here in Anchorage. We will be doing this with a core team of Rachel and me, Austin and Grace Adams, and our good friends Adam and Sherri Legg. By God’s grace, as a result He will cause many more people to know Jesus than ever before.

Be assured that I, Richard, and Kim Patterson, will continue walking through this process with obedience, confidence and a dedication to the Presence of God at every step. 

I will be transitioning the senior pastor responsibilities to Richard on May 6. I will remain on staff in a pastoral support role, slowly phasing out over the summer months. Our goal is to launch Refuge City Church in the fall. Kim will continue to function as our Executive Pastor, bringing us into even greater spiritual and organizational health. 

There will be gatherings for both Anchorage City Church and Refuge City Church including an informational meeting for Refuge City on April 15th. We love City Church and this is not an easy decision for us. Rachel and I and the kids have felt so loved and supported by our church community. But we know that God’s desire is to seek and save the lost and we each have a part to play in that.

Blessings in Christ, 

Rich Irwin

Senior Pastor

Anchorage City Church