inner healing ministry

City Church offers a wonderful Inner Healing Ministry to both members and non-members. The lives of hundreds of people have been radically changed by participating in the workshops offered through this ministry. Below are descriptions of the two workshops offered. Click here for specific workshop details and registration.

Healing the heart

Healing The Heart is designed to give a person an understanding of why they cope with pain, disappointments, insecurities and ambitions in the ways that they do. It deals with the wounds and hurts that we have all received in life and how they have affected our personalities. Biblically based, its practical benefits are immeasurable to those who choose to open themselves to the Holy Spirit. This workshop has been liberating, healing and helpful to many people. 

The workshop begins with an intensive teaching of biblical principles and truths aimed at helping us understand why we are like we are and to expose the deceptions that have influenced our behavior. It is presented as a series of lectures, videos and personal testimonies designed to show how we have dealt with the wounds and hurts we have received in life and how this has affected our personalities. The goal is that you would come to more understand yourself, your disappointments, your insecurities, your ambitions, and how you can find freedom and more effectively serve God. Healing The Heart concludes with an application time in which you will be given an opportunity to apply these principles to your own life through self-disclosure. It is recommended that married couples take Healing the Heart together, if possible but it's not a requirement. Click here for workshop details. 

Hearing the voice of God

The Call to Go Deeper

The Bible is full of stories about the God who consistently, relentlessly, pursues relationship with His people. The issue is never: “Is God really speaking?” The question is always: “Are we willing to listen?” Hearing the Voice of God is a workshop designed to push you past your present level of intimacy with the Father and out into the ocean of His love, acceptance, understanding, wisdom, delight and provision which are available to every person who professes Jesus as Lord. It doesn’t matter if you have been walking with Jesus for 10 days, 10 years, or 10 decades, the Heartbeat of Heaven has always beckoned us to draw closer and grow deeper in our relationship with God.

During HTVOG you will experience many different ways that God speaks to His people. Each topic will lay out a solid Biblical basis for the many ways that God speaks to His people. Click here for workshop details. 

  • roger & pam schoeniger

    Meet Roger & Pam Schoeniger. They have been long standing pastors in the community of Anchorage. They were the founding pastors of Anchorage Vineyard Church which combined with City Church in 2008. They have served as Transformational Pastors at City Church since that time. They have poured years of their lives into developing and perfecting different approaches often used in workshops (such as Healing the Heart, Hearing the Voice of God and Happy Together) to help people have life changing experiences with God. The Healing the Heart Workshop has been held for over 25 years with more than 2500 who have attended.