Serve Team

Church life doesn't happen without the many dedicated volunteers that serve each week. Whether you're looking for a once a week or once a month commitment, we have something for you! Volunteering provides a sense of belonging and that God has a plan and a purpose for your life. It is often very eye-opening to feel like you are a part of something greater than yourself as well as getting fresh perspective as you focus on the needs of others. 

To sign up to serve at ACC, please click here


Have you ever felt a longing for more while sitting in service? To feel like you truly belong and discover what your purpose is in within the church?  

We invite you to attend Belong; a free, four week course that will help you better understand the mission of Anchorage City Church, the ways to get connected & build relationship with other, the unique gifts God has created in you, and the many ways you can serve in the church! 



Belong 101: Grow

Belong 201: Connect

Belong 301: Discover

Belong 401: Serve


The class meets on Sundays after service starting at 12:30p - dates of classes are listed on the events page



Please contact us at 907-344-2141 or with questions