Our Vision:

To bring kingdom (Gospel) influence to Anchorage and to all the world.

Our Mission:

To influence our world by gathering, nurturing, equipping and mobilizing disciples into their God-given callings in life.

GATHER:  Inviting people from all walks of life to find their place in the family of God.

NURTURE: Encouraging people to experience God’s care, comfort, and healing in a safe, loving environment.

EQUIP: Teaching the truth of God’s Word and training them to walk daily in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

MOBILIZE:  Empowering God’s people to take their place of service where they can influence the world.




    We get to give.

    Giving is not a burden to us, it’s a delight! We recognize with profound amazement that God has given us Jesus, His greatest gift. We’re moved by His generosity and we give to make an impact. We demonstrate the awe inspiring love of God by giving of our time, our talents and our resources. We prove to the world around us that we are Christ’s disciples by living generously.


    We are built on the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

    We believe that all things are possible with God and we pursue relationship with the Holy Spirit so that God’s will can be done through us. We don't just rely on good advice or what’s humanly possible, we rely on the Word and the Holy Spirit. We take time to listen for God’s voice, and in faith, we boldly go everywhere He leads us.


    We are a launch pad.

    We build platforms for new ministries, inspire believers, and launch leaders into their callings. We are a working community that loves serving together. Our church has a unique calling to restore, develop and send leaders. We are always excited about a God-sized opportunity. Our goal is to move beyond our comfort, by making a difference through the love of God.


    We Are Family. (Sing it with us now!) 

    We are authentic people - we are not all the same. We come from different cultures, backgrounds and generations. What makes us family is that we are all united by our faith in Jesus. We love to eat together, make music together, laugh and play together, learn together and serve together. We know that we are more joyful, more fulfilled and more like Jesus when we are together.


    We don’t just live our lives; we grow them.

    We are followers of Jesus Christ. Moment by moment and footstep by footstep we are learning to walk with God on this journey of faith. We are confident that as we surrender to His will, Jesus makes us more like Him. He is changing our hearts, causing us to grow in love and transforming us from the inside out.